Shut It Down for Palestine!

Watch the great Nov. 9 wrap-up video from BreakThrough News.

On Nov. 9, huge numbers of people in every region of the country made the call to “Shut It Down for Palestine” a reality. Hundreds of walk outs, die-ins, marches, disruptions and other actions sent a powerful message: There will be no business as usual until Palestine is free!

This Day of Action was a fitting follow-up to last Saturday’s historic National March on Washington for Palestine. The movement showed that it can come together in the hundreds of thousands for a massive show of force, and now we are demonstrating how that power will only grow as we deepen the struggle in every city and town in the country. And very importantly, these actions were global, taking place in many countries around the world to show the international character of support for Palestine.

The movement to Shut It Down for Palestine is continuing. The next big day of action is Friday, Nov. 17. The official site of the movement will be updated with a listing of actions — submit one here.

Die-in led by healthcare workers outside City Hall in Philadelphia

Genocide profiteers like BlackRock and Textron Systems were hit with protests. Events headlined by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other politicians with blood on their hands were met with demonstrations numbering in the thousands. Healthcare workers held die-ins to dramatize the immense scale of Palestinian death at the hands of the US/Israeli war machine. Students held massive walkouts on campuses across the country, defying attempts at intimidation and boldly taking a stand against genocide.

The energy and creativity of a new people’s movement was unleashed! And this is just the beginning — We will stay in the streets until apartheid falls!

Protest outside Textron Systems in Providence, Rhode Island


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