Ceasefire Resolution falls on deaf ears at Cincy Council, so far

  To: Cincinnati City Council From: Rev. Dr. Werner Lange Re: Resolution for a Permanent Cease Fire in Gaza  Today the world learns of the shocking news that Israeli troops have wantonly... Read more »

USPC Condemns Genocide of Palestinians by Israel

U.S. Peace Council Joins the International Court of Justice in Condemning the Israeli Genocide against the Palestinians We also call upon the Global North states to reinstate their aid to the UN... Read more »

JFK’s Assassination at 60: Revisiting the Israeli Connection Anew

Sixty years have passed since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the identity of the assassins is still not definitely known, nor are their motives. But we are getting closer... Read more »

Shut It Down for Palestine!

Watch the great Nov. 9 wrap-up video from BreakThrough News. On Nov. 9, huge numbers of people in every region of the country made the call to “Shut It Down for Palestine”... Read more »

Gaza Nakba

People from Gaza City, some of them injured, are taking shelter in al-Nasser hospital, southern Gaza.Mohammed TalateneDPA via ZUMA Press My cousin Alaa was right. “Leaving our home – and all the... Read more »

Armistice Day 2023: Ceasefire in Gaza!

Hundreds of Thousands Join London March to Demand ‘Cease-Fire Now’ in Gaza “In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians,” demonstrators chanted at Saturday’s march, described as one of the... Read more »

Statement of World Peace Council re Palestine, October 2023

The World Peace Council expresses its deep concern about the circle of bloodshed in Palestine and Israel which has led already to the loss of lives of hundreds of civilians on both... Read more »

International Court of Justice called to Investigate Israeli Crimes

Palestinians have welcomed a vote by the United Nations General Assembly, which calls on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to give an opinion on the legal consequences of the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict,... Read more »

Ultra-Right Coalition Seizes Power in Israel

With over 90 percent of the vote counted, it seems settled that Israel’s fifth election in less than four years will usher in the return of Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm of... Read more »

Time to Call Israel’s Bluff

For 55 years, Israel has cherry-picked the Geneva Convention which governs the laws of occupation. Throughout this whole period, the international community has been complicit in this deception by doing nothing about... Read more »