West/Abdullah campaign: Peace, Truth, Love & Justice

Policy Pillars For A Movement Rooted In Truth, Justice, & Love ECONOMIC JUSTICE Abolish poverty Abolish homelessness Establish federal public banking institutions to fund public infrastructure and green reconstruction Establish a federal... Read more »

Shut It Down for Palestine!

Watch the great Nov. 9 wrap-up video from BreakThrough News. On Nov. 9, huge numbers of people in every region of the country made the call to “Shut It Down for Palestine”... Read more »

Demand Freedom from Fracking

A Review Of The Scientific Literature Reveals Enormous Public Health, Environmental, And Climate Damage From Fracking. Authors say that “no rules or regulations can make these practices safe.” The negative impacts of... Read more »

Demand Norfolk Southern Buy East Palestine Property

Sign the petition demanding Norfolk Southern purchase the property, at full pre-disaster value, of its victims in the greater East Palestine area: change.org/FreeEastPalestineVictimsTrappedinToxicCage https://chng.it/DWyYjx8kkZ     Read more »


We must act now to stop the war with Russia over Ukraine, a war that would risk becoming a dangerous conflict between nuclear states. As people residing in the United States, we... Read more »

Encourage Legislators to Sign Pledge to Ban Nuclear Weapons

As of March 2022, over 60 nations have ratified the United Nations Treaty on the Prohi- bition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). No NATO country or nuclear weapons state has done so; neither... Read more »