US and World Military Spending Exploding

The wars in Ukraine, the Middle East and elsewhere have fueled skyrocketing U.S. and global arms sales. Those sales were already rising even before the start of the 11-month war in Ukraine.... Read more »

The Permanent Disaster Economy

Earlier this year, Joe Biden described his military budget for Fiscal Year 2023 as “among the largest investments in our national security in history.” But what it will actually deliver is a... Read more »

No Nukes is Good Nukes

    OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BIDEN FROM VETERANS FOR PEACE Dear President Biden, We, members of Veterans For Peace who are concerned about the growing possibility of nuclear war, have researched and... Read more »

More Guns, Less Butter

The devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout continue to take a toll on the world and provide ample reason to reconsider where taxpayers’ money is being spent. Several... Read more »

Military Budget

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