US/NATO Continue Escalating Proxy War in Ukraine

The U.S. got more than it bargained for after instigating the Ukrainian conflict. The Biden foreign policy team grows more desperate and their plans become more dangerous as they reckon with the... Read more »

The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine

  The West’s Recent Approval Of More Military Assistance For Kiev Risks Nuclear Nightmare, Fails Ukrainian Expectations And Rebukes The World War II History Enshrined In A Prominent Soviet War Memorial In Berlin. On... Read more »

MLK: Beyond Vietnam to Ukraine

In April 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered an eloquent and stirring denunciation of the Vietnam War and US militarism. The speech titled “Beyond Vietnam” is relevant to today’s war in Ukraine. In the... Read more »

Vast Expanse of US Military Bases Abroad

Soon after the Second World War ended, the British government with its vast colonial empire made significant territorial concessions to the USA which could facilitate the rapid spread of USA military bases... Read more »

US Empire in Crisis

The United States is an empire. It has 800 military bases around the world . More than $840 billion has been set aside for the latest Pentagon budget, a sum bigger than the military expenditure of... Read more »

Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List

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