Coup d’Etat in Peru Denounced

Denounces Lawfare In Argentina. The left-wing Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA) uniting countries in Latin America and the Caribbean met for its 18th annual summit, condemning the coup d’etat in Peru against “Constitutional President... Read more »

Lift the Sanctions against Venezuela

The social agreement reached between the Venezuelan government and the right-wing opposition on Saturday proves that the U.S. policy of not recognizing Nicolás Maduro as the democratically elected president has failed, according... Read more »

Lula’s Workers Party Defeats Fascist Bolsonaro in Brazil

The Workers’ Party candidate, who completed a remarkable political comeback less than three years removed from a prison cell, tweeted one word following his win: “Democracy.” “A huge blow against fascistic politics... Read more »

Undermining Peace in Columbia and Venezuela

Colombia’s new president Gustavo Petro wants peace. Colombia’s military, the largest in Latin America, except for that of Brazil, stands in the way. It benefits from U.S. largesse while attending to U.S.... Read more »

Revolutionary Change in Colombia

“What is coming here is real change, real change,” Colombia’s new President-elect, Gustavo Petro, promised his cheering supporters at his victory speech on Sunday night. As the country’s first-ever left-wing leader –... Read more »

U.S. Is Weaponizing the Effects of Its Illegal Blockade to Create Internal Disorder and Chaos against Revolutionary Cuba!

November 14, 2021 Once again, the U.S. government is trying to overthrow the Cuban government — this time by orchestrating a “color revolution” — through funding and organizing a nationwide protest by... Read more »


U.S. policies in the Americas — militarism, economic warfare, political subversion and the denial of national sovereignty — have intensified and are becoming even more reckless. It is important that anti-war and... Read more »

Statement of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples

In recent days, a growing image is being set up in the social media, endorsed by the great western media, with the clear objective of giving a chaotic image about the Cuban... Read more »

International Zoom Webinar: Defending Venezuelan Elections Against U.S. Intervention

A discussion with Venezuelan peace organizations on the upcoming legislative elections in Venezuela and how peace forces around the world can help protect the people's right to vote in the face of... Read more »

Unfounded U.N. Report on Venezuela Being Used as an Instrument of Regime Change 

U.S. PEACE COUNCIL STATEMENT September 28, 2020 The United Nations Human Rights Council issued a report* by the Independent Mission to Determine the Facts in Venezuela (Independent Mission), which accuses Venezuela of... Read more »