Fighting the proxy war to the last Ukrainian

U.S. imperialism demands a fight until the last Ukrainian. The proxy war continues to devastate the people of Ukraine. March marks the end of the 13th month of the Russian military operation... Read more »

US/NATO Continue Escalating Proxy War in Ukraine

The U.S. got more than it bargained for after instigating the Ukrainian conflict. The Biden foreign policy team grows more desperate and their plans become more dangerous as they reckon with the... Read more »

International Court of Justice called to Investigate Israeli Crimes

Palestinians have welcomed a vote by the United Nations General Assembly, which calls on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to give an opinion on the legal consequences of the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict,... Read more »

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel Reveals War Preparations in Ukraine through Minsk Agreements

Johannesburg – In a week in which the use of nukes in the Ukraine conflict made headlines – with the Kremlin vowing to use every means at its disposal for self-defence –... Read more »

US and World Military Spending Exploding

The wars in Ukraine, the Middle East and elsewhere have fueled skyrocketing U.S. and global arms sales. Those sales were already rising even before the start of the 11-month war in Ukraine.... Read more »

Oliver Stone on Root Cause of Proxy War in Ukraine

America has helped make Kiev the enemy of Moscow, the famed director says The US turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian country since 2014 is the root cause of the current conflict, award-winning... Read more »

From Proxy War to Nuclear War?!

Western “half-wits” from “stupid think tanks”are leading their countries down the road of nuclear armageddon with their hybrid war against Moscow, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on... Read more »

Europe’s Economy: Another Casualty of Proxy War in Ukraine

When the Ukraine launched its Kherson ‘counteroffensive’ on August 29 I was pretty aghast and judged that it was destined to fail: To break the reinforced Russian lines now would have taken more... Read more »

One China Principle

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the State Council Information Office of China published a white paper titled “The Taiwan Question and China’s Reunification in the New Era” on... Read more »

Pelosi’s Provocation Plunges World toward War

The arrogance of power is especially ominous and despicable when a government leader risks huge numbers of lives in order to make a provocative move on the world’s geopolitical chessboard. Nancy Pelosi’s... Read more »